We offer a variety of orthodontic treatments, from Invisalign clear plastic aligners to tooth-coloured ceramic fixed braces, and we tailor each patient’s care plan to their specific needs.


Here is an outline of the treatments we offer, as well as advice on caring for your smile once active treatment is complete, but for more detailed information, please contact the Beyond® Dental Care team on 01565 364 347 or the contact us page.




Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment which uses a series of virtually invisible, removable aligners that fit snugly over your teeth and are worn at all times except when you are eating, drinking or brushing your teeth.


Every two weeks, each set of custom-made aligners is replaced with a new set and in this way the teeth are gradually moved into their ideal positions.


Many patients opt for this style of treatment because it gives an extremely good cosmetic appearance.


Tooth-coloured ceramic fixed braces

The parts of the brace that are fitted to your teeth – the brackets – are made of tooth-coloured ceramic material that makes them less visible. When combined with clear or white elastics and tooth-coloured wires, they can be extremely discreet and easy to live, work and socialise in, making them a popular choice.


Metal fixed braces

The brackets and wires used to move the teeth into position are made of metal. Metal braces are often chosen because they typically offer the quickest and most precise results.


Aftercare - Maintaining your new smile.


This stage of treatment is extremely important: if worn as instructed and cared for well, a retainer can ensure your new smile lasts a lifetime.


Following removal of your fixed brace or Invisalign aligner, a custom-made retainer is fitted to the treated teeth to prevent them from reverting to their original positions. The first 12 months after active treatment are particularly critical as the bone and tissue around the teeth are still reorganising and settling into their new positions.


However, the truth is that the teeth will always be subject to some degree of movement, particularly those at the front of the mouth which are under pressure from the tongue and lips. Therefore, the only way to guarantee that the teeth retain their ideal positions is to wear a retainer for at least two nights per week for the rest of your life.


We often meet adults who received orthodontic treatment in their teenage years but come to us for similar treatment years later because they haven’t worn a retainer to protect the results of their treatment.


Fortunately, developments in technology mean retainers are now made of smooth, lightweight plastic, are virtually unnoticeable and extremely comfortable to wear, not to mention far preferable to repeating treatment!

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