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Ben & Lindsay

23rd August 2017

Ben & Lindsay first started seeing Dr Beatrice Luciola in May 2015, they wanted to to make sure they had the perfect smile ready for their wedding in early 2017 and it was perfect wedding for the perfect smile.  Here's what they had to say and some pictures of the end result.


“Words can not express how we feel about our amazing smiles, we are certainly showing them off now! When we first met Beatrice we couldn't have been in safer hands and we put our absolute trust in her expertise. 


Beatrice is an incredible lady not only is she professional but she is also your friend and she can create the most beautiful smile.  She is a perfectionist and a true gem in the orthodontist world! 


After endless research we contacted Beyond® Dental Care and since then we didn't regret it, from every appointment attendance to the end result, it has changed our lives for the better and improved our confidence tremendously. 


We can't thank Beatrice and her team enough, they are absolutely dedicated and passionate about each one of their patients. Fantastic customer experience and amazing sparkly teeth and smiles. 


Thank you so much for creating our smiles.”


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Social Media

13th August 2017

Were getting all social!

We’ve joined, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show you all the latest news and for you to be able to see some of the fantastic results from the services we offer.

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Tim Howard Supports Heart Your Smile

7th January 2014

You would have thought that Tim Howard had enough to smile about with being both the Everton and USA Number 1 Goalkeeper.


As you know, Tim has been a great patient at Beyond® Dental Care and we have really helped him keep that winning smile.


Tim know has even more to smile about by supporting our “Heart Your Smile” campaign which is jointly supported by Dr Beatrice Luciola and Dr Seema Sharma.


Click here to read the whole article.


Beyond® Dental Care Featured By Lorraine Kelly

8th April 2013

Being a “best kept secret’ can only last for so long and that is truly the case of Knutsford Orthodontist, Dr Beatrice Luciola.


At Home With Lorraine Kelly!!


Beatrice and her orthodontic clinic have recently been featured in the high profile magazine, At Home With Lorraine Kelly. Beatrice was interviewed alongside one of her celebrity clients, Everton Goalkeeper Tim Howard. In the article they both discussed their experiences with orthodontics from their different sides of the treatment room.


Beatrice discusses how she was first inspired to become an orthodontist when, as a teenager, she volunteered to help the charitable organisation “Operation Smile“. It's mission was to raise more awareness of cleft lip and palate care in Kenya, a place very dear to Beatrice’s heart. During her time with Operation Smile, Beatrice was moved by the skill and dedication of the orthodontic teams who devoted their time and expertise to the project.


Back in leafy Cheshire, Beatrice and her experienced team have built a thriving orthodontics practice which has an excellent reputation helped, in part by providing state of the art treatments for patients from the length and breadth of the UK.


If you would like to read the full article with Beatrice and Tim Howard then please click here.


Everton Goalkeeper Chooses Beyond® Dental Care For That Fabulous Smile

14th April 2013

Everton Goalkeeper Tim Howard is famous for more than just keeping a clean sheet. He is also widely recognised as having one of the best smiles in professional sport let alone football.


Tim Howard uses Beyond® Dental Care


In choosing Beyond® Dental Care and the skilful professionalism of Dr Beatrice Luciola, they have formed a winning team on getting his smile wider and whiter than ever.


When speaking about his treatment in At Home With Lorraine Kelly, Tim said “I had a very enjoyable orthodontic experience. This speaks volumes about the level of service I was given, considering the fact that I was not looking forward terribly, as you can imagine.”


“Beatrice,” he continued, “made my teeth everything I always wanted them to be. Most importantly, she was patient, courteous and very kind. Given that my job requirements and commitments are very time sensitive, she did everything in her power to accomodate me.”


In flashing that winning smile, he finished by saying, “In conclusion I now believe my teeth look really great and I was very well taken care of and supported by Beatrice in every way. All in all I’d call it 10 out of 10, absolute success.”

Lianne – A Patient Story




24-year-old Lianne had been unhappy with the way her teeth looked since she was a teenager. She had a tooth-coloured fixed brace fitted to her upper teeth for nine months to reposition and straighten her teeth and now wears a removable retainer at night to maintain the results of her treatment.


“I always shied away from having my photo taken with friends and family and knew I didn’t want to feel that way for the rest of my life, especially on special occasions in the future, like my wedding day and when I have children,” says Lianne.


Lianne wanted to be fitted with a clear Invisalign brace that she felt would be less noticeable than a fixed brace, but during her consultation with orthodontist Dr Beatrice Luciola, it became clear that a fixed brace would be a more effective and quicker solution to her particular problem that would give her the smile she wanted.


She was however suitable for a tooth-coloured, ceramic brace which, combined with tooth coloured wires and clear elastics, was designed to blend more subtly with her own teeth and make her feel less self-conscious when wearing it.


“I was extremely nervous before I got my brace fitted; I felt sure I would feel embarrassed at work and find going out with my friends less enjoyable, but I needn’t have worried so much.


“For the first couple of weeks, my brace did feel big, but I soon got used to that and even liked the way it made my top lip look fuller – a result that has remained as my teeth now support my top lip much better.


“I was self-conscious at first, but I soon realised that people either didn’t notice or were genuinely inquisitive and wanted to know more, sometimes because straighter teeth was something they wanted too. I soon started going out with my friends again and, through my own part-time job working behind a bar, started noticing at least one or two people each night who were also wearing braces.


“I was surprised by how quickly my brace started moving my teeth and saw a huge difference in the first three months. Although I had to each soft foods like soups for a couple of days after each visit to Beatrice to have my brace adjusted, this soon subsided. I found that as long as I was careful and cut my food up I could eat almost everything I had done before and hardly ever got food caught in my brace.


“As a new product development coordinator for a soft drinks company, I was used to regularly brushing my teeth throughout the day, so this didn’t bother me at all, although I had to be particularly careful to brush around my brace thoroughly.”


For the first six months, Lianne’s brace was working to move her canine teeth level with the rest of her teeth and make room for them in their ideal new positions. Then in the final three months of treatment, the brace was used to close any gaps and fine-tune the positioning of her teeth to leave her with an ideal outcome.


“The last three months of treatment were more intensive and painful at times as my teeth were moved into their final positions, but by then the end was in sight and I could see how good my new smile was going to look, and that really helped to outweigh the discomfort.”


Once the fixed brace was removed, a permanent wire was bonded to the back of Lianne’s top teeth to hold them in their new positions without being seen. New moulds of her teeth were taken so that a removable clear plastic retainer could be made for her to wear at night to ensure the results of her treatment are maintained.


“I had my brace removed the day before my friend’s wedding. I just couldn’t stop smiling and had no qualms at all about being photographed: in fact, I really enjoyed it.


“For the first two weeks after my brace was taken off I wore my plastic retainer all the time, except for eating and drinking, and now I wear almost every nights but it’s very easy and comfortable to wear.


“I’m delighted with the results. I feel much more confident about the way I look and am always happy to pose for photos! My only regret is that I didn’t opt to have my bottom teeth straightened at the same time. They’re only slightly crooked and not nearly as noticeable as my top teeth were, but I now realise it would have been worth getting everything done at once.”


Meera – A Patient Story




Gifted young musician Meera was concerned that wearing fixed braces would prevent her from playing the flute. Like many musicians who play wind and brass instruments, she feared playing with a brace would be uncomfortable or painful and would affect the quality of her playing or even stop her from playing altogether.


At the age of 13, Meera had recently been awarded a place at the prestigious Junior Royal Northern College of Music when her dentist referred her for orthodontic treatment.


She had an impacted canine tooth without enough space to move down into position. Unfortunately, long waiting lists for treatment by an NHS orthodontist would have meant a two-year delay and Meera and her parents were keen to start treatment sooner rather than later in order to minimise the effect on her music.


By the time they were introduced to Dr Beatrice Luciola of Beyond® Dental Care, they were feeling extremely anxious at the prospect of Meera having to wear braces at such a critical time in her budding musical career. They had been told horror stories about orthodontic treatment derailing the careers of other talented wind and brass musicians and were concerned to hear that surgery to remove teeth might be the only way to create necessary space in Meera’s mouth.


“Meera desperately wanted to play. She was enjoying all the opportunities that lay before her, particularly at the Junior Royal Northern, and didn’t want a brace to disrupt her time there,” says Meera’s mother, Rebecca.


Beatrice quickly put their minds at rest and reassured the family that with the right specialist orthodontic treatment and a sensitive management plan, Meera’s flute playing needn’t be affected. Indeed, beginning treatment as early as possible would make the process less complex, reduce the likelihood Meera would need surgery or extractions, and cut the time she would need to wear braces.


“Unfortunately, there is still not enough awareness in the field of music about what specialist orthodontic care can achieve if treatment is delivered carefully, sensitively, and as early as possible,” explains Beatrice. “That means selecting the right treatment to suit each patient, carefully showing the patient how to look after their braces so that they are as comfortable as possible, and planning treatment around any major events such as exams and concerts.”


Beatrice’s approach was to work closely with Meera and her parents to make sure she knew when Meera had competitions and exams and to avoid planning treatment milestones, such as tightening her brace, at those times.


As a result, Meera felt she was in control of her treatment and could therefore relax in the knowledge that nothing would be done that might disrupt her playing. She felt very little discomfort from her braces throughout the two phases of her treatment, which lasted a total of two years – the time she would have waited for NHS treatment.


And crucially, during her treatment, Meera never stopped practicing, performing or developing as a musician.


“Too many musicians avoid treatment because they are afraid of the impact a brace will have on their playing,” says Rebecca.


“Many older musicians we meet have been inquisitive about Meera’s braces and admit they wish they had had treatment when they were younger.”


Beatrice adds: “Many music teachers still advise their pupils to avoid orthodontic treatment altogether for fear of spoiling a promising musical career, particularly when they are dealing with a remarkable talent, but this is simply not true.. I believe closer links need to be established between the specialist orthodontic and music professions to put an end to this misconception and give musicians the chance to correct any problems with their teeth without intruding on their playing.”


Marie – A Patient Story




Eleven years of growing unhappiness with her teeth had led 36 year-old working mother of three, Marie, to believe her only option was to have teeth removed and veneers used to improve the way they looked.


But after being referred to Dr Beatrice Luciola by her dentist to find out how orthodontics could help her, she opted instead for the long-term results of a fixed brace and is now delighted with her beautiful, natural smile.


Marie’s dissatisfaction with her teeth began in her mid-twenties when overcrowding and a missing lower front tooth began making her teeth noticeably crooked, leaving her feeling embarrassed and searching for a solution.


“I felt so self-conscious about my teeth that I’d developed a habit of covering my mouth with my hand when I spoke or smiled and I was desperate to find a way to change the way I looked,” says Marie.


“After hours of research on the internet, I convinced myself that my only option was a celebrity-style smile makeover using veneers, so I set about finding the right dentist to help.


“Fortunately, the dentist I chose was reluctant to offer me veneers because my teeth and gums were in good condition. Instead, he convinced me to meet Beatrice to find out more about how a brace might help ease the overcrowding that was causing my crooked teeth.


“My chat with Beatrice was great. I loved the idea that my teeth could be moved around to give me a great smile that would last forever, and straight away I saw the benefit of a brace over veneers which would need replacing. But I was nervous about having to wear a brace for up to two years and looking like my teenage son and his friends!”


Marie’s particular problem meant that a fixed brace would be the most effective treatment and she subsequently opted for a tooth-coloured, ceramic brace which was fitted to her upper and lower teeth.


“I’m a working mum and, like most women, I care about the way I look, so wearing a fixed brace was a big step for me and I dreaded the reaction I’d get from other people. Being able to choose a tooth-coloured brace that would be less-noticeable was a huge relief and in reality the response I got from colleagues, friends and people I met as I went about my daily work and life weren’t nearly as dramatic as I anticipated.”


Within eight weeks of wearing her brace, Marie could already see clear improvement in the alignment of her teeth.


“Once I could see the brace beginning to move my teeth, I immediately became more relaxed, felt happier in myself, and excited about the transformation that was in progress.


“After all those years of feeling unhappy about my teeth, I was finally doing something about them and that made me feel positive and motivated to look and feel good. I improved my diet, started a new exercise regime and even changed my hair colour. I felt great.”


In the final stages of treatment, tooth-coloured wires were replaced with uncoated nickel wires and elastics were fitted to move Marie’s teeth into their final, ideal positions. Despite the discomfort that this caused, Marie coped well as she knew that these measures would speed up her treatment and give her the best possible results.


Marie’s brace was removed after a total of 16 months and she has now been fitted with a clear, removable retainer which fits over her teeth and must be worn regularly at night to prevent her teeth reverting to their original positions.


“The retainer is comfortable and hardly noticeable, which means wearing it is no problem. It’s there to make sure I never lose my new smile, and that’s something I’m determined never to do!


“Having straight teeth has been a massive boost to my confidence and my whole outlook on life and I just wish I’d done it sooner!”


Dr Beatrice Luciola Awarded Prestigious Training Accreditation



Dr Beatrice Luciola of Beyond® Dental Care and an alumni of the University of Manchester Turner Dental School, has become an orthodontic therapist trainer affiliated to this excellent teaching institution. She is proud to be part of this initiative created by the General Dental Council.


As part of the selection process a workplace inspection is carried out to ensure that the workplace training facilities are appropriate for the clinical training.


There are only 10 highly coveted places available per year and the candidates go through a structured interview process. The Orthodontic Therapist Trainer must be recognised by the General Dental Council and registered on the Orthodontic Specialist List held by the GDC.


The trainer takes full responsibility for the trainee’s actions and provides weekly training seminars. Beatrice’s role involves rigorous assessment of the trainee using a detailed logbook of procedures carried out by the trainee, evaluation of clinical competence and liaison with the course director.


The trainer attends a core course at the University of Manchester Turner Dental hospital and additional study days. They then embark on supervised workplace training in an approved orthodontic practice. Successful completion of assessments workplace training reports and clinical activity leads to an application to sit for the Diploma in Orthodontic Therapy examination offered by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh in order to gain registration with the General Dental Council.


We congratulate the trainees on their deserved admission and look forward to their exciting start in the Specialist Orthodontic career pathway!


Charity birthday celebrations for Dr Beatrice Luciola


Click here to read the full article featured in Knutsford Guardian about Dr Beatrice Luciola's event to celebrate five years of her charity which helps children in Africa.


Orthodontist braced for success in Knutsford

23rd April 2012

Cheshire orthodontist Dr Beatrice Luciola is the latest Knutsford business-owner to launch her practice at The Brookdale Clinic on Manchester Road.


Beatrice, who runs Beyond® Dental Care, helps children and adults achieve the smiles they have always wanted using modern dental braces to straighten overcrowded and crooked teeth. The move follows the success of her established clinic in Lymm.


“Knutsford was the obvious choice when I was deciding where to expand my business,” says Beatrice.


“Working with the Knutsford community has been a fantastic experience so far, not least because I’ve found my patients to be open-minded, keen to understand their treatments, and committed to getting the best possible results.


“Working from The Brookdale Clinic also means I’m immediately part of an established professional community with high standards in an environment that’s welcoming and well-equipped.”


The Brookdale Clinic was created in 2007 by physiotherapist Cathie Stone who was looking for new premises for her own business. The Manchester Road building was too big for her business alone but offered space to combine her physiotherapy clinic with other like-minded businesses. The clinic’s seven consultation and treatment rooms are now home to 10 practitioners offering a range of services including physiotherapy and podiatry to beauty therapy.


“My vision for the clinic has always been to create a centre of excellence where people can speak with confidence to experienced, caring professionals about a wide range of health, fitness and wellbeing issues in a relaxing environment,” says Cathie.


“Beatrice’s warm and caring professional approach combined with her extensive training and experience make her a natural part of our team and we are excited to have her on board.”


Sea-change in opinion


Beatrice, who completed her training in Manchester and is accredited as an Orthodontic Specialist by the General Dental Council, believes a sea-change of opinion towards dental braces is fuelling interest in the treatments she offers, particularly from adults.


“I always knew it would be a challenge to overcome the stereotypical ‘Ugly Betty’ image that stops many people from investigating orthodontic treatments. But using orthodontics to straighten teeth has become a far more acceptable and common practice, particularly among adults who have dreamed of having a beautiful smile but have felt embarrassed about getting a fixed brace.


“Braces have come a long way in the last ten years and technological advances mean that modern appliances, which often use tooth-coloured ceramics and clear plastics, are far easier to wear.”


Wedding belles


Beatrice has also seen a trend in brides-to-be from Knutsford and the surrounding area seeking out ways to get a beautiful smile for their big day.


“I knew Cheshire was one of the most popular places in the UK to get married, and I’ve seen clear evidence of this in the number of brides-to-be who are coming for treatment. But it doesn’t stop there, and on several occasions I’ve ended up treating the bridegroom and even the mother of the bride.”


Charity campaigner


Beatrice is also an active charity campaigner, using her expertise to improve the treatment of people suffering from cleft lip and palate in developing regions of Kenya. She helped to set up Operation Smile Kenya in the early 90’s and now spends a month each year in the country supporting the charity’s ongoing work.


She is also set to launch her own charity helping people with serious health issues in and around Funzi Island in Kenya, alongside teams of healthcare professionals whom she hopes to recruit from the UK and the local community.


Beatrice helps brings a smile to Kenyans with charity work


Dr Beatrice Luciola is an active charity campaigner, using her expertise to improve the treatment of people suffering from cleft lip and palate in developing regions of Kenya.


She helped to set up Operation Smile Kenya in the early 90s, and now spends a month each year in the country supporting the charity’s ongoing work.


She is also set to launch her own charity helping people with serious health issues in and around Funzi Island in Kenya, alongside teams of healthcare professionals who she hopes to recruit from the UK and the local community…..


Read full story on Knutsford Guardian by clicking here.


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